Ecommerce in the world of Corona

March 27, 2020

The news at the moment is full of coronavirus stories, but right in the middle of that Amazon announced it is planning to hire a further 100,000 workers to cope with an unprecedented surge in demand for online deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak. Closer to home Countdown’s online sales are groaning with orders, and delivery services are hitting record highs. Recent innovations of contactless deliveries have made online services available for even the quarantined consumer.

“Consumer behavior always shift in times of disaster,” said Doug Baker, vice president of industry relations at FMI. “People are learning new skills and how to shop online as a result of what we’re experiencing today.”

Places of entertainment like movie theaters, sports venues and concerts have been shut down or limited to prevent the spread of the virus, are already altering online behavior for consumers with daily internet usage on the rise.

Coronavirus “may hasten the adoption” of online delivery and pickup, touching off long-term challenges for smaller chains earlier than expected, Kelly Bania, analyst for BMO Capital Markets, said in a research report this week.

It can look like grim times are ahead for brick-and-mortar retailers who rely on physical stores to sell their goods, with shoppers stuck in their homes in the wake of the virus. With foot traffic dwinderling this makes me think why so many of these businesses don’t already have an ecommerce strategy.

It’s never been a better time to get setup, with so many options for all sizes of businesses. From the small one person setup, to the large chain stores, there are cost effective solutions for all.

It must be knowledge! Knowing where and how to start is the biggest hurdle, worrying about what the right solution is, how much it will cost and will it return on the investment slows the uptake of ecommerce.

That’s where we come in, using our years of experience to not sell you on some product we conveniently also have. But to help you develop a strong ecommerce strategy that you can comfortably navigate and most importantly understand. We can help you identify a solution to meet your needs whether it is a self run Shopify store, or a solution integrated into your existing point of sale.

Let us help you turn a troubling time into the start of a new journey into the digital world.

- Paul Headington

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